Leaf Pick Up

12/22/2021 UPDATED: The 2021 leaf pickup has ended

***If you missed the deadline (12-15) or have additional leaves that need to be disposed of, please put them in a garbage bag or container and place them out on your tree lawn on your regular refuse collection day to be picked up by KIMBLE.***

As of October 12, the Service Department will send out two leaf trucks to begin fall leaf collection. Please be patient, as crews are work hard to get to each street, one at a time. Keep in mind, we do not favor any specific streets or return to pick up a specific pile for individuals. With that said, a schedule is difficult because each street may have more than another. The crews work one street at a time and work their way around the City before returning. Rest assured, each street will have numerous pickups and our goal is to make sure everything is picked up before we put the machines away for winter storage. 


As Fall approaches, so does the City’s annual leaf collection program. The Service Department strives to provide leaf collection service equally on each street. Please take note that the leaf collection truck cannot make return trips until they complete the entire cycle of streets. Please make sure your leaves are put out on your tree lawn before the truck comes down your side of the street. The truck will not turn around and you will have to wait until the cycle completes before the truck will return.

Residents can help us to make this program fast and efficient by following these tips:

  • Please DO NOT place grass clippings or tall grass in with the leaves, as it will clog the machine and cause a delay in pickup.
  • Rake your leaves onto your tree lawn in a timely manner. This will help to ensure that you do not miss the crew when they are on your street.
  • Do NOT place the leaves in the roadway. Rake leaves to the tree lawn in a line as close to the curb as possible without going into the street. Leaves raked in a line rather than heaped in a pile helps accelerate the pickup process. Leaves put into the roadway are also extremely dangerous for motorists.
  • Please place your branches and sticks in a separate pile where our chipper crew will gladly take them.
  • If possible, please refrain from piling any leaves AROUND a tree, fire hydrant, street pole, or sign post on your tree lawn.
  • The leaf truck cannot pick up very damp or snow covered leaves. This service is very dependent upon the weather.

Things to Consider:

Remember, there is NO leaf collection program in the Spring. Our refuse collection contractor gladly accepts leaves that are bagged and left out on your regular trash collection day. Also remember that twigs, branches and tree limbs can be placed on your tree lawn on your regular rubbish collection day. 

The Service Department will chip those items on your regular rubbish day only. Do not place these items on your tree lawn prior to your regular rubbish collection day.