How can I compare NOPEC offers from other energy suppliers?
One of the hallmarks of energy deregulation is that each consumer is free to make his or her own decisions, and all the factors involved should be carefully weighted. The difference between NOPEC and private suppliers is certainly one of those factors. In terms of pricing, consumers should be wary of gimmicks and “loss leader: giveaways”, in which short-term savings are promised, with no long-range guarantees of continued savings. Customers can view natural gas and electric pricing for NOPEC on our pricing pages and even compare offers to the current NOPEC rates and view our historical performance.

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1. What are these opt out letters that NOPEC is sending?
2. Why do you need to send opt out letters every two years?
3. What is NOPEC?
4. What is governmental aggregation?
5. Who is in charge of NOPEC?
6. Who is NextEra Energy?
7. How does gas aggregation/customer choice/deregulation work?
8. Can you tell me what other communities are participating in NOPEC's natural gas aggregation program?
9. Will I be switching utilities?
10. Do I have to choose NOPEC as my natural gas supplier?
11. I am currently with another supplier but would like to join the NOPEC program. What are my options?
12. What does NOPEC charge for its services?
13. How do I opt out?
14. What happens if I opt out?
15. What if I choose to participate and allow NOPEC/Nextera Energy Services Ohio to become my supplier and later decide to switch back to my utility before the 2 years are over, is there a penalty?
16. Will my service be interrupted when I switch suppliers?
17. How will I be billed?
18. What are your rates?
19. Do you offer variable rates? How much are the variable rates? How can I select the monthly variable price option?
20. Are there any monthly fees I should be aware of?
21. If I’m interested, do I need to enroll with NOPEC/NextEra Energy Services Ohio?
22. What happens if I move?
23. Who is Columbia Gas of Ohio?
24. Who is Dominion East Ohio?
25. What is NOPEC’s relationship with NextEra Energy Services Ohio, LLC?
26. Why can't this be done online?
27. If someone opted out 2 years ago, do they have to opt out again?
28. Why do I have to pay for the stamp on the opt out card?
29. The opt out letter is confusing, what is the point?
30. If I'd like to speak with someone regarding my questions, who can I call?
31. Can I remain on budget billing?
32. How can I compare NOPEC offers from other energy suppliers?
33. What if I did not receive an opt out notice?
34. If I am currently in the variable price option will I automatically be re-enrolled in the same product?
35. How do I get permanently removed from the opt out list?